My story

I am born in the summer of 1990 with a diagnosis achondroplasia. Which means i’m short stature. I started to play golf when i’m was 11 y/o. It went very fast from when i took my first grip on the golf club who i received from my uncle to 15 in handicap. It took me 4 month. Today i have 2 in handicap. From there i know golf is my kind of sport. I am very grateful for everything I have experienced with the game of golf and also travel around the world and see new places. And biggest dream is to be the worlds best disabled golfer.


Name: Joakim Björkman
Born: July 6, 1990
Height: 4’4” (135cm)
Residence: Västerås, Sweden
Home Club: Frösåker GCC

Team JB

Head Coach/National Team Coach

Daniel Stark

Halmstad GK

Swedish Golf Team

On Tour 2019

april 1, 2019

TBA in early 2019